Social Media Internet Role in Education

Social Media and Internet Role in Education

Social Media and Internet:

Social media and internet both are interconnected with each other. After the development of internet technology, the social media is using different strategies for business purpose, organization purpose, and social interaction purpose. If we talk about the earlier internet technology which was limited back to the era of the environment does not allow social interaction between customers and organizations. No doubt that the development of web increases the social traffic of the world. Social media is web-based and mobile-based technology which uses as a tool of communication for all. 

Social media provides a huge platform through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn for all the users. The modern internet technologies made the world very small for all human being. Social media is sharing the all industries with the help of internet.

Education Role:

Social media and internet provide the platform for the personal ability. We cannot deny that social media is providing the wide variety of information, data, online courses and etc. Here we discuss the some of the points of social media role in education.  

The System of Learning:

In recent few years, the system of learning was very common of giving lectures on whiteboard and blackboard especially in higher level institutes. But after the boom of internet online lectures and notes are distributed among students. Even though online plagiarism can also be check by using different software. Now every student has its own mobile phone and tabs they can easily afford the online the education through their gadgets. Top India colleges are providing multiple career-building programs for higher level students.

Online Blogging Sites:

Blogging sites are the mean of sharing content through ideas with each other. Purpose of these online blogging sites to encourage the debaters who debate and present their ideas among other. By using the hashtag in blogging for courses students can create their social community and group.

Work Efficiently:

Social media change the pattern of communication between teacher and the student. With the help of social networking site, students are not bound to ask questions. Whenever any student feels difficulty regarding any subject issue he can ask a global community with social media sites. Multiple people who can answer the questions and student can get good answers through a connection.

Career Platform:

The different platforms of social media help the student to build their career platform. By using these platform student start sharing their work and get their own learning space. Purpose of this platform to prepare you for future career planning and it also tells where you stand. Many times Social credibility also opens the various social media marketing job paths for students.

Tuition Fee:

As compared to traditional education the online education tuitions rates are very less. In government and private sectors school students pay too much fee. Many time students who cannot afford the fee they start working. Social media and internet provide an equal platform for all students. It is free of cost and you do not need to pay too much tuition fee to learn anything.